10 Tips for Outstanding Ecommerce Websites Design
that Brings More Sales

Follow these 10 ecommerce websites design tips and start seeing more website visitors, conversions and sales in no time!

Good ecommerce design is essential for turning online visitors into buyers. The design of your website or online store should make the purchase process as easy, quick, stress-free, and friendly as possible. Regardless of how good your online ads and promotions are, you could be losing potential customers if your online store is not optimized for sales.

What are we trying to say is that you could be wasting your money on promotions and ads if visitors leave your website the minute they get to it.

We have some great ecommerce websites design tips for you that could help you attract more website visitors and convert them into buyers:

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1. Keep the user in mind: Every important detail of your website could contribute to the user’s decision to make a purchase. User experience is crucial to turning website visitors into potential customers and turning the customers into loyal buyers.

2. Use simple website design: Did you know that minimalist websites are rated as more visually appealing than complex websites? To simplify your website design, we recommend you to take away all unnecessary information and use a minimalistic design theme with a white background and plenty of space.

3. The importance of a view cart button: Have you noticed that some online stores have a shopping cart icon on every page and this allows visitors to view the products they have added to their shopping cart. Believe it or not, this is one of the most important ecommerce websites design tips there is. Having a view cart button has been proven to maximize conversion rates. So, make sure to choose the best ecommerce platform for your business that also integrates this feature.

4. Be real about pricing: When designing your online store, remember to be upfront and real about the price of the products you sell. Don’t try to hide any details. You never want your visitors to feel they are being tricked or deceived.

5. Don’t distract users: Your website design needs to be optimized for attracting visitors and generating sales. It is recommendable to include extra information on your brand’s story, an option for website visitors to sign up for an email newsletter, and etc. Make sure the extra information and details don’t distract people from buying your products.

6. Navigation menu: The menu bars allow users to navigate the pages of your site to find what they are looking for. Usually, the menu bars are vertical along the side of the page or accommodate the F format. The menu should appear properly across all pages. Be careful not to load up your menu with unnecessary options as this may confuse your visitors.

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7. Keep your products organized: To make it as simple as possible for users to find the products they need, you should keep the products on your website properly organized into specific categories. The categories should be easy to find and simplify the search process.

8. Allow users to filter the products: You can improve your site’s search features by allowing users to filter the products. Popular search filters are price, brand, color, and size.

9. Grid layout: The grid layouts are best for online stores. When visitors are searching through your products, it is best to keep them divided into columns and rows. We recommend having 3-4 products per row.

10. Contact information: The contact information should be easy to find. We suppose you don’t want to lose a potential customer for not putting a phone number or an email address on your homepage.

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